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About us

Our story

Scytronix was founded in 2010 by Dr Hideaki Page shortly after he lost his job during the 2008 economic downturn. Scytronix was born in part out of Dr Page’s necessity to generate an income, but also as a vehicle to pursue a lifelong passion for science and engineering, and frustration of not being able to satisfy these interests in convention employment.

Scytronix is now a team of engineers who share a similar mindset, the need for invention and creativity in their work, and the need to test their skills on challenging real-world problems. We are hands on engineers for whom engineering and science is a way of life rather than just a profession. We relish technical challenges and can be found always working on projects paid or otherwise.

This passion has provided us with the experience, gained at the coal face in numerous industries, to solve your problems. Our combined expertise covers physics, optoelectronics, electronics, firmware, software, numerical analysis, mechanical engineering and more.

Meet the team

Dr Hideaki Page

Founder of Scytronix, Physicist

Hideaki gained his Ph.D. in optoelectronics from the University of Surrey in 1998. He worked for eight years in Thales Research and Technology, France, developing Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) and their applications. He has worked on terahertz technology for TeraView UK and R&D into at the Centre for Advance Photonics and Electronics (CAPE) at the University of Cambridge.

With extensive experience in optics, infrared technology, electronics, engineering and sensor design and development, Hideaki founded Scytronix Ltd in 2010 to help companies develop their applications and solve challenging technical problems.

Ian Taylor

Business development

Technology strategist and fundraiser with an entrepreneur mindset. Experienced in creating commercial cultures, that foster & drive innovation with a track record of building company success and driving scale rapidly in dynamic creative environments.

Ian provides Scytronix strategic direction, building frameworks that support the business requirement, maintaining focus on creating a strong sustainable organisation.

Mark Ravelle

Electronics and firmware development

Mark brings 30 years’ experience in analogue/digital RF electronics, firmware and software development. Having been programming computers since the early days in the 80s, he has worked in the printing industry and numerous electronics development projects from vacuum systems, spectrophotometers, and gyroscopes. Thanks to this experience, Mark has detailed expertise in feedback control systems and high precision stepper motor control.

As the co-inventor of the Scyan RF imaging system, he has made major contributions to the development of the Scyan electronic system and the sophisticated image recovery algorithms that are used. Mark has an uncanny knack of pulling rabbits out of hats to solve seemingly impossible technical challenges.

Measure it, sense it, control it.

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