Our Company

Scytronix Ltd was founded in 2010 by Dr Hideaki Page to design and develop products for a wide range of clients in the oil & gas, printing, food and electronics industries, exploiting physics for industrial applications. Hideaki gained his Ph.D. in optoelectronics from the University of Surrey in 1998, working on the carrier dynamics of semiconductor lasers. He worked for eight years in Thales Research and Technology, France, developing Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) and their applications. His work led to the world’s first demonstration of a room temperature operating GaAs based QCL; an important milestone for real world application. He has 30 peer reviewed publications and several patents for this work. Hideaki has extensive experience in optics, infrared technology, electronics, engineering and sensor design and development. He founded Scytronix Ltd in 2010.

Problem solved – from lab to the real world

Scytronix helps clients to develop new products and prototypes, to optimise existing products, and to solve technical problems.

We help you move from laboratory based proof-of-concept to production prototype and beyond. We help turn difficult engineering problems into practical, cost-effective products.

We specialise in physical measurement, instrumentation and sensors, with a full range of capabilities in physics, computer modelling, optics, thermal design, acoustics, electronics, firmware, digital signal processing and software design. We build hardware.

More than electronics, we provide the interface between the physical world and the digital world. We write software.

If you can’t find it off-the-shelf talk to us.

Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

Core Team

We have a core team of specialists in physics, electronics and software.

Certified Experience

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Competitive Pricing

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The first step is to discuss your requirements. Please feel free to contact us with whatever issue you have in mind. We are used to dealing with a very broad range of different scenarios.

Client confidentiality is our foremost concern and we expect to formalise this through an NDA.

We always aim to adapt to our clients requirements and ways of working. Every job is unique so we tailor our work to fit the immediate circumstances. To mitigate risk and to avoid drift and requirements creep we will formalise our proposition in a work programme with defined milestones and objectives.

This places a boundary on open ended problems and allows you to measure progress accurately and control your resources.

We are happy to review and adapt the work programme to an evolving situation.

We also believe that it is important to know when to stop a work programme. We are interested in the art of achieving the possible and do not want to promise what we can’t deliver.